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Welcome to Omega Human

Join me on a discovery of the Self.
Through my personal experience and awarenesses
I share with you my own on-going return to Self
and the eternally present teachings and processes
that I hope will inspire and help you to awaken to the real You.

For many years I have wanted to combine my photography and my writings. This site is my way to do that and to share them with you.

All the photos on this site (except for certain photos in the Teachers and Schools section) are my own photos. You can view the full size versions of my photos in the site Gallery.

About me

Hello! I am Guy Gonyea

I suppose you could label me a rational dreamer. While I may have my head in the clouds and my feet in the mud, I bend down to tie my shoes often enough to have a pretty good view of where I’m standing. The “I” who is writing on this page came into this manifestation called life as a philosopher. I morphed into an athlete, then a businessman, then an artist. And now I have drawn the line in a circle to integrate all of them into, me.


What’s New, What’s Up

Making awareness easier is what Omega Human is about. Now you can more easily see what’s going on; our latest news, events and activities all will be highlighted right here.



“For more than 25 years I have been searching. Perhaps, unconsciously, it has been for my entire life.” – Guy Gonyea


Truly inspirational men who have been my guides on the journey to the Self.


Non-physical places that reveal and illumine the non-person Self.


“It will never be good enough… just write the damn words!”

The Work

Inner path to Self-knowledge through the process of Self-inquiry and Self-observation.

Most of what I had learned growing up just hadn’t resonated with something deep inside me. Neither my heart nor my brain could embrace what education, religion, society, even my parents tried to teach me. Maybe it’s just the “black sheep” syndrome. But maybe I was indeed born to journey along a road less travelled. What I know is that most of my life has been invested in that less-travelled road. This website is dedicated to my road…and to your road too.

So come along with me, through my writings and my photography to explore the schools and teachers that this amazing thing called “Life” has graciously revealed to me. My explanations are based on my own personal experiences and I have also called upon the words of many a person far wiser than me. I invite you to enjoy my personal stories, observations and insights that you will find in my journals. I don’t know if they will make sense to you or touch you, I only know that they happened to me or came through me so it is my job and my desire to share them. Much of what is in this site may appear to have come about by chance but I am without doubt it was synchronicity and “chance” had nothing to do with it.

Lastly, I sincerely hope I can share with you what I am convinced is the most important work a human being can engage in while living on this incredible planet. It is so important that it is even named “The Work”. It has been going on since the existence of conscious Man yet has been suppressed since the creation of unconscious civilization. The fact that it has endured throughout the millennia is a testament to its validity and importance. From the once-secret oral teachings over 2,000 years ago, this wisdom, in the past 150 years is being increasingly acknowledged by people like me…and you. I am blessed to have had a most inspiring teacher who introduced me to these ageless wisdom teachings in 1990. But he also burdened me (along with many others) with the responsibility to pass on what he passed to me. Oft times I have not lived up to that responsibility but now, through Omega Human I hope to fulfill my role.


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