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Significance of Language

“What’s in a name?” you ask. Well, actually quite a lot if you know how to uncover the significance of language. The Omega Human represents the awakening of man, not only to higher levels of consciousness but to the realization and attainment of the highest state of evolution or enlightenment, the Omega Point.


It is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. It was used by the Jesuit priest Pierre Theilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) who coined the term the “Omega Point” to signify the evolution of the Universe toward a higher level of material complexity and consciousness of which human beings are the highest form. The Omega Point unites creation, and the more it unites, the higher the levels of consciousness. In short, the Omega Point signifies the highest evolution of human beings.


Is actually composed of two words. The Sanskrit word “Hu” means God. “Man” comes from the Sanskrit word “manu” meaning mankind. Therefore the word Human defines both the supreme God and the physical creature integrated into one complete being.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye inside the letter Ω represents the all-seeing eye, which allows for perception beyond ordinary sight. The third eye is significant across many cultures and esoteric religions. In Christianity it is a metaphor for non-dualistic seeing. In Hinduism it refers to the gateway to higher consciousness. In Taoism the third eye, called the “mind’s eye” allows us to connect with the higher vibrations of the universe.

The Path of Self Awareness


All our individual suffering and indeed the entire world’s suffering is a result of the loss of our awareness of Self. This is the true “Fall From Grace”. From the time we are born (and likely before) we are conditioned and programmed to be what others and what society wants us to be. Who we are told we “ought” to be and what we ought to do and even what we ought to think. It is no wonder there is so much violence in the world when we ourselves are thrown into a violent inner conflict with our true nature from the moment we take our first breath.

It is only through a process of Self-discovery that we begin to free ourselves from this false Egoic self. Fortunately there is a path to lead us to awaken to our true Self, a path that has been taught in various forms since the birth of Hinduism in the 5th Century BCE when it was called Sanatana Dharma or the “eternal way”.

Background picture is a composite photo of a statue of Socrates and a NASA photo to symbolize the integration of the ageless wisdom teachings and modern technological man.

5 Golden Steps Along the Path


Learning Who We Are Not

This is known in Vedanta as well as Buddhism as the system of Negation. It is a process of going backwards from our outer physical experience of ourselves and negating or reducing them to deeper and deeper levels of “reality”. As an example, while we might say that a chair is real we know that it is really just a mass of atoms which in turn are actually sub-atomic particles, and so on. We are the same not only physically but also on all the levels that we think we are.

Ultimately all we can do is discover who we are not. Like an onion, we must peel away the layers of the “not me” until in the end all that is left is that which IS.

Discovering Our Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs

These thoughts and beliefs are the root causes of our suffering. They are born from programming of should/shouldn’t, right/wrong, good/bad, artificial limits imposed upon us from the outside which polarise and invalidate our natural sense of self. These are the many voices in our head, which create desires, complexes, compulsions, worries and fears. They give rise to a distorted egoic self  which then commands the thinking brain to ceaselessly protect and maintain it’s false identity.

Process of Inquiry

Socratic questioning. Socrates believed that deep questioning was the only true form of teaching. It teaches us to dig beneath the surface of our ideas:
• Who am I?
• What do I want?
• Why do I do/desire the things I do?
• What is the purpose?

Training the Mind To Be Receptive To the Teaching

This is Mindfulness, which utilizes meditation to help us let go of beliefs and attitudes that keep us stuck into who we mistakenly think we are. The process of meditation is not to control our thinking but to release the hold that our thinking has on us. Only when we can dis-identify with our current thoughts can we prepare ourselves for the final stage. We must also let go of our long-held beliefs in order to be open to new awareness.

Receiving the Teachings

These are the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. They can take many forms. Depending on the culture we were born in or the exotic lands that draw our curiosity there are many roads that are all interpretations of the one path. Zen Buddhism, Hindu Vedanta, Christian Esotericism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Fourth Way and even Jungian Psychoanalysis all can awaken the serious seeker.

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