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Giving back & Paying Forward

Your mind has opened. Your self-awareness has grown. Someone gave of themselves to help you grow. Now it’s your turn to help others grow. That’s how humanity works best. That’s evolution towards a better world.


Group Training Programs

Exploring the Work

90 minute live online sessions exploring the basics of The Work

Discover what “the most important work on the planet” is all about and how you can learn it

Learn if the Work is for you

Reinforce the work you have been doing in other Omega Human Trainings


This is the first stage of “Awakening to what we have always been.”

A full 3-day program that will be an intense and energizing journey.

In The Beginning is about Self-observation and Self-inquiry.

Discover methods for revealing the false identities you have believed yourself to be.

Learn skills to begin to understand who you truly are.


The Deeper Journey is an advanced 4-day program going much deeper to find our essence.

Develop awareness to the divine nature of the Self.

Only for serious people willing to do the work required to bring the inner Self into consciousness.

The Deeper Journey is more rigorous and requires more outside work during the program.

The power of a group is incredible, but if you are the type who journeys along a solo path then check into our one-on-one programs.

Join our Cause

Giving back & Paying forward

Giving back/paying forward is simply helping others awaken to their divine potential, to improve their lives, as you yourself have achieved. It can take many forms, it can be overt or it can be anonymous. It can be anything from a valued financial contribution towards the free group trainings, to lending support of your special talent, your energy or even your facilities.

Perhaps you have a special gift that can support the trainings or the Omega Human organization. Or perhaps you may have a facility that could be used for hosting a training. Whatever it may be, if you feel inspired to lend a helping hand please contact me and enlighten me. I am inspired to see how we can make your contribution a reality.

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