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Journey to Omega Point

This is the big one. If you are at that place in your life where you sense it’s your time to find where you fit in the world and what you are here to contribute, to realize your purpose, a 6 month program of meetings 3 times a month will open your eyes while letting the ageless teachings sink in and your own inner wisdom shine forth.

“Journey to Omega Point” is not for the weekend warrior. The Omega Point requires climbing to the top of the mountain. This is a journey that has no set path. It requires passion and a real desire to find your way. It demands that you give up all your pre-conceived beliefs about life. Your task is not to re-write the book but to un-write it!

What is included in one-on-one JOP Workshops?

Live full 60-minute conferences via digital on-line media. Personally I always felt a little short-changed when I paid for an hour and got less than 60 minutes.

In-person JOP Workshops when geographically possible. We can arrange optional in-office Workshops if geographically feasible, or if you are willing to travel to where I am.

One comprehensive JOP profile providing me with a clear picture of where you are in your life, your spiritual development and where you want to go.

Homework assignments after every session. Meditating for hours in the lotus position is not enough. Walking into the real world and practicing the teachings is what makes them real and relatable to life.

“Journey to Omega Point” journal to keep reminders of your progress. Doing The Work is life changing. Keeping a log of it keeps it real. When you write it down, you own it.

“Journey to Omega Point” lesson work sheets for preparation of JOP Workshops. Downloadable printable notes at the beginning of each JOP Workshop.

Follow up emails for progress check. Got a question? Need clarification? Ego putting up a fight? Write me two (2) follow up emails after each Workshop before the next. Additional email communications can be arranged.

Audio recordings of all JOP Workshops (mp3/4). Repeat. Remember. And Re-member. The more you review and live your Workshop the more it becomes part of you.

I often get questions about this so let’s clear this up right here. Being a religious person is not necessary to do The Work. The Work is inclusive of all esoteric faiths but is exclusive of none. What is important is a genuine motivation and commitment to create a healthier, more joyful and loving life for you, those around you and the entire planet.


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