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Need some immediate resolution or clarity in dealing with a particular issue? This is an opportunity of working together in single sessions if you are just in need of immediate resolution or clarity in dealing with something specific. This is effective when you’re in a “crunch” situation, whether related to your job, a relationship or just a block to making an important decision. If you’re stuck in front of the wall of fear or just figuring out how to share where you are at with someone, without hurting them, this is a great opportunity. You will even learn how to help other people involved in the situation without them even being aware of it.

What is included in private one-on-one JGTI Workshops?

• One pre-conference email including a comprehensive profile from you giving me the history and challenge you want to resolve.
• Live full 60-minute conference via digital on-line media. Personally, I always felt a little short-changed when I paid for an hour and got less than 60 minutes.
• In-person TGS Workshop when geographically possible. We can arrange optional in-office Workshop if geographically feasible, or if you are willing to travel to where I am.


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