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The Power of Groups

A big part of the work I want to do through Omega Human is to recreate group trainings as I was involved in for over 12 years. The power of a group can bring on accelerated change in the people who participate. The discovery that our problems are not unique and that many people around us have travelled the same rocky path as we have helps us realize that our problems and the guilt that often comes with them are not really so terrible. And most importantly, that they are more solvable than we ever imagined.

These group trainings will be free of charge. This is my way of making self-awareness not dependent on one’s ability to pay. Donations to keep the trainings running will be gladly accepted but will never be pushed. In the past we always worked on the basis that if someone got something out of it then they would put something back into it, for the next person. The concept of “pay it forward”.

Group trainings are not a substitute for personal Work sessions but they can be an adjunct and they can be a way to deepen the impact of one-on-one Work. Group trainings are also a wonderful way to contribute to the growth of others just by showing up and sharing. The magic of the group is doing your own Work you automatically empower others to do their Work.


“In the coming months I will be hostnig free “Exploring the Work” seminars. These live 90 minute sessions cover specific aspects of The Work. They’re wonderful for those who want to be introduced to the basics of The Work as well as for those who want powerful reinforcements of The Work that they have been engaged in with other Omega Human Work programs. “Exploring The Work” sessions are available online and are also open to those who wish to attend in person. They will be more lecture-based than other programs and will include time for Questions & Answers.”


This will be the first stage of “Awakening to what we have always been”. A full 3 day program that will be an intense and energizing journey. Beginnings is about Self-observation and Self-inquiry.


Journeys is an advanced 4 day program going much deeper to find our essence and then develop our awareness to that divine nature of our Self. Journeys is for serious people who are willing to do the work required to bring the inner self into full consciousness. Journeys will require more outside work during the program.

The group trainings are being planned for the 3rd quarter of 2017 as I will be on the road for the next several months. I will always keep you posted as they develop.


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