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Welcome to The Work

The Work is the inner path to Self-knowledge and is achieved through the process of Self-inquiry and Self-observation. The Work is best practiced in the midst of your every day life.



People begin The Work for many reasons.

They feel lost and can’t sense their life’s purpose.

Their careers are unfulfilling and monotonous.

Their family life is a seemingly constant conflict of personalities.

They are suffering from failing or lost relationships.

Ultimately, what brings people to The Work is suffering and the deep-seated desire to stop it. While it appears the suffering is due to relationships with the outside world in reality all suffering comes from an unhealthy relationship with your Self. Only through Self-remembering can you discover that the only necessity is to heal the relationship you have with your Self, with your own Essence. Without doing The Work it’s impossible to even know the Self you want to have a healthy relationship with.

It’s important that the outcome you are looking for in The Work is on the inside, for the benefit of your Essence. Looking to better control the world and people around you will guarantee you of failure. The Work is to be done to improve your Self. Success is Self-actualization. And with Self-actualization everything in your outside world will align with you.


The outcome of the Work

What are the benefits of doing The Work?

Reduced stress, greater peace and joy.

Freedom from fear and worry.

Greater self-acceptance.

Improved relationships with family, peers and mates.

Awareness of the things within your power to change.

Acceptance of that which you cannot change.

Increased energy and clarity.

Finding your unique way to be in service to the world.

If you’re looking to get a “leg up” on the competition or to learn how to solve the “other person’s problem” The Work is not for you. It is strongly advised not to engage in The Work under those motivations as you will do more harm to yourself than if you simply do nothing at all. But for the true seeker, the person who has had enough of the game of Personality, is deeply tired of the suffering it brings with it and has a sincere yearning for a more holistic way to live, The Work will open your heart, reconnect you with your true Essence and awaken you to the perfection that you have always been.


Why People Say They Choose to do The Work With Me?

I’m a great listener (When you see my ears you will know!)

I have deep insight

I’m a strongly intuitive person

I’m non-judgmental

I know how to be an effective mirror

I’m trustworthy

Self-awareness sessions may be done face-to-face or by on-line video conferencing. In our modern world we’re faced with many problems due to the exponential advance of technology. However, one wonderful benefit of that same technology is the bridging of time and space, bringing people closer together and allowing The Work to be done as it never could have been done before.


Programs to do The Work

Just Get Through It

Sometimes you need an immediate resolution or clarity to handle in the best possible way a now” situation.

Deal effectively with a “crunch” situation

Overcome blocks to decision-making

Walk through the wall of fear

Help others while you’re helping yourself

Travel Guide to the Self

Wake up to a new level of awareness and free your Self from the myths you have believed yourself to be.

Learn that your myths are not just self-inflicted

Stop listening to the many voices in your head

Find your real voice in the silence

Heal your suffering by healing the most important relationship you have

Journey to Omega Point

This is your time to find where you fit in the world and what you are here to contribute.

Move beyond the weekend warrior, armchair quarterback in life

Empower your journey to the top of the mountain

Free your Self from all your pre-conceived beliefs

Be desireless, passionately

Even me, a pretty introverted person, fell in love with working in a group. We’re bringing the power of group to you.


Feedback is the compass that tells us if we’re going in the right direction


Lead Executive Trainer. Vancouver. BC

“Dear Guy, thanks for your powerful example as a spiritual guide, spacious listener and fully present being. I am the richer for knowing you and doing The Work with you – you have helped me to know once more that I am truly never alone in the universe.”


Design Director. HCMC, Vietnam

“You guided me out of the darkest moment of my life. I was confused and in pain. You were there to listen. You showed me what is true in my heart, so I can start to see things much clearer. I am now happy and stay strong with a clear direction, and I am thankful for your support.”

Dr. Barbara Sickles

Special Ed Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona

“I don’t even know where to begin in sharing the joys of having you. Not only are you well versed in the Ancient Teachings, Ayurveda, healing, the importance of the numbers in our lives, meditation and learning to live in the moment with no expectations, but you are a deep and caring teacher. You have an uncanny way of truly understanding what someone is going through, and then gently and expertly helping the person unravel it all. Anyone who had the privilege of your knowledge and expertise through Omega Human will indeed be blessed!”


Branding Consultant. HCMC, Vietnam

“You are an amazing human being with a warm warm heart. In my darkest moments, I know I can find a safe space with you to get myself together. You have helped me a lot on my journey to discover who I truly am and what I can do for this world.”

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