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Travel Guide to the Self

Searching for someone who can help guide you to a new level of self-discovery and self-awareness? This is where you and I can connect. One-on-one sessions, or Workshops are a safe and effective way to unravel and free yourself from the many myths you have believed yourself to be.

The first things you need to know in order to begin waking up:

• These myths are not just self-inflicted.

• They have been programmed into you from the moment you came into this life.

• Parents, teachers, priests, peers and every aspect of society have been consciously or unconsciously “doing a number” on you.

Do you sometimes wonder what is your real voice?

• It’s no wonder; you have so many voices in your head.

• These voices are heavily invested in keeping you away from the real you.

• Keeping you occupied and asleep is their full-time job.

• If you hear a voice, it’s not you!

• Your real voice is hidden in the inner silence.

“Travel Guide to the Self” personal Workshops help free yourself from the suffering that has kept you from the fulfilling life you are craving, and that you deep down know you are worthy of. You’ll dig deeper and go further in peeling away the layers of your Personality, your “Not Me” and begin discovering, perhaps for the first time in your life, your inner Essence. “Travel Guide to the Self” brings you to the point between the voices, beyond the noise in your head, to that pure silence where your true voice is waiting to be realized. While you may begin by focusing on external events and relationships that you think are the source of your suffering you will soon discover that all your suffering comes from a broken relationship, the relationship you have with…yourself. The “Travel Guide to the Self” is a program spanning 8 weeks.

What is included in private one-on-one TGS Workshops?

• Live full 60-minute conferences via digital on-line media. Personally I always felt a little short-changed when I paid for an hour and got less than 60 minutes.

• In-person TGS Workshops when geographically possible. We can arrange optional in-office Workshops if geographically feasible, or if you are willing to travel to where I am.

• One comprehensive TGS profile providing me with a clear picture of where you are in your life and spiritual development and where you want to go.

• “Travel Guide to the Self” journal to keep reminders of your progress. Doing The Work is life changing. Keeping a log of it keeps it real. When you write it down, you own it.

• “Travel Guide to the Self” lesson work sheets for preparation of TGS Workshops. Downloadable printable notes at the beginning of each TGS Workshop.

• Follow up emails for progress checks. Got a question? Need clarification? Write me one (1) follow up email after each Workshop before the next. Additional email communications can be arranged.

• Audio recordings of all TGS Workshops (mp3/4). Repeat. Remember. The more you review your Workshop the more it becomes part of you.

How do the personal TGS Workshops work?

• Self-awareness is not something to “get” in an hour.

• It’s not an end result. It’s a journey, but a journey that at almost every point you can look back on and see clearly how far you’ve come.

• If you are serious and committed, your growth will happen as sure as the sun rises in the morning. How much time will it take? Every journey is different but you will make real progress and see improvements in your life within a few weeks and feel a much higher level of peace and happiness within a few months.

Workshops are 60-minute sessions once-a-week with routine homework on your own in between Workshops. You’ll gain many powerful insights, called “ah ha!” moments, during our Workshops but those require your remembering and meditating on them if you want them to anchor deep inside you. If your intent is serious, an 8-week Workshop session will allow you to achieve a new stage in your awareness.

Can couples work together?

Yes, of course. Working together can be wonderfully healing and enriching. For success couples must be willing to allow an open space for the other to be themselves without judgment or criticism. As the great poet Gibran wrote,

“…and stand together yet not too near together,
for the pillars of the temple stand apart,
and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”


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